Slovo is a house of creative design which provides production and consulting services!

We are specialists in visual information technology. We offer design, engineering, manufacturing and consulting
We hold ISO 9001:2008 certification and implement an international ISO standard for graphic and visual communications


SLOVO d.o.o.- 11000 Belgrade, Serbia
Bulevar Vojvode Mišića 17-V
Phone:+381 (0)11 / 36 90 544 ; 36 90 667


Leave a memorable impression on your customers! Promote your company and your product!

We make sure you are noticed and remembered, making possible for you to promote your company or your product.
In manufacturing of the advertisements, we use high quality digital printing of large format that can be applied to various materials in all occasions and conditions. The main characteristics of this kind of printing are attractivness and size, as well as the visibility and it can be seen on billboards, vertical banners(rollwall), posters, panels,PVC banners and the like.

We make preparation for the process of digital printing, screen-printing, foil cutting etc. We also do laser engraving by CNC machine, which is completely computer operated, which is a guarantee of precision and quality.

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We produce:
table with inscriptions, information boards, billboards, road signs, sets of labels to offices with mobile plates, key chains, inventory, industrial tables, treasury, veterinary, manual and mechanical seals, special seals, seals, stamps, rubber clichés, products brass and clirite, alloy for soldering, special environmental security seals for various purposes, all kinds engraving services, special tools, advertising and propaganda material for the company (pens, lighters, diaries, key chains, clocks)